Gerson Oliveira

Gerson Couto de Oliveira joined PSR in 1999. He works on new methodologies for different areas of application of PSR, such as: (i) affine models for operation planning under uncertainty on demand and renewable production; (ii)variance reduction for the Monte Carlo simulation based on MCMC, importance sampling and stratification; (iii) equilibrium models for stochastic optimization of multiple stages of contracts between multiple generators and consumers; (iv) cluster techniques for generation and demand scenarios to accelerate the solution of major transmission planning problems; (v) robust optimization methodology to plan the expansion of transmission networks under uncertainty with great penetration of renewable fuels. He also participated in planning studies for various countries in South America and the North. Previously, he worked at Cepel, where he was a project manager in the areas of optimization and statistical techniques applied to the planning and operation of energy systems.

Dr. Oliveira is the author of over fifty articles in specialized magazines, as well as book chapters on the planning and operation of energy systems. He is a member of the Brazilian Society of Automatic Control and a licensed teacher in the Department of Electrical Engineering at PUC-Rio. He has a degree in electrical engineering from PUC-Rio and a master's degree and a doctorate in optimization from COPPE /UFRJ.