José Rosenblatt

Is an Electrical Engineer with a MSc degree in Operations Research (Stanford U.) and an MBA in Electric Energy. He has over twenty-five years of experience in the power sector, and is responsible for regulatory and market studies at PSR. He has worked as a consultant to the Brazil’s Wholesale Energy Market (MAE), National System Operator (ONS) and regulatory agency (ANEEL), as well as the World Bank, IDB, investors (individual companies and sector trade associations, pension funds and banks). During the 2001-2002 energy supply crisis, he was a principal consultant to the Brazilian government in the investigation of causes of the crisis, and also on the management of rationing and on the adjustment of the sector’s regulatory framework. Since 2003 he has, among other activities, supported the Ministry of Mines and Energy in regulatory matters through IBD and World Bank contracts. Before joining PSR, he worked at Eletrobrás, where he was involved with regulation, energy trading, project evaluation, generation expansion planning, and the development of system simulation software. He also lectured at the Electrical Engineering and Industrial Engineering departments of PUC-Rio, and was an independent consultant for OLADE (Latin American Energy Development Organization). Mr. Rosenblatt has authored or co-authored twenty technical papers published in refereed periodicals and conference proceedings.