Juliana Pontes


Graduated in mathematics, has MSc and DSc in systems engineering from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, with emphasis in optimization applied to energy systems. She joined PSR in 2006, where she has been working on studies in the Brazilian power sector in the following main areas: (i) energy planning; (ii) market studies and energy price forecasting in the Brazilian regulated and free markets; (iii) risk management; (iv) power sector regulation. She is also involved in the development of optimization-based decision support tools for energy applications. In particular, she is the responsible for the development of the SCE model, that simulates the trading arrangements and market clearing process of the Brazilian market and is widely used in PSR market studies. She is also responsible for the ESTD model, that determines the optimal contracting strategies for distribution companies under uncertainty in the load growth rates and considering all trading arrangements of the Brazilian market. On the academic side she has been researching on cooperative game theory, power systems regulation and energy trading. She is an active member of the IEEE Power and Energy Society and she has technical papers published on local and international magazines and journals.