Martha Rosa

Graduated in electrical engineering with an emphasis on Power Systems from the Federal Fluminense University (UFF), master's degree from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and is currently pursuing a PhD at the same institution in the area of Energy Systems. Joined PSR in 2008 in the area of planning the Brazilian electrical system, working in the areas of generation and transmission. Currently, Martha is PSR's coordinator and project manager in the area of transmission, distribution and energy studies. Her function is the coordination of integrated technical, regulatory and economic studies.

• Advisory services to investors acquiring generation and transmission assets – Including regulatory advice and financial-economic modelling to aid in the bid formation for auctions for greenfield assets and for mergers and acquisitions. Includes assistance in understanding the Brazilian Transmission Market, its players and intuitions, entry mechanisms, regulatory and contractual framework, risk analyses, etc.

• Integrated generation and transmission expansion & operations studies – Consultancy services for clients interested in forecasts of prices, security of supply and other technical or economic variables relevant for decision making. The scope of these studies includes: methodologies for calculation of firm energy (and physical guarantee) of generation projects; economic and energetic impacts of renewable energy penetration; probabilistic representation of renewable energy sources in economic dispatch models; calculation of long-run marginal costs; methodologies for optimal capacity expansion planning; generation dispatch and price forecasting; assessment of hydrological risk and complementarity between renewable energy sources. Several of these studies were carried out representing the full transmission network integrated with the energy dispatch of the system.

• Regulatory and policy consultancy - Assisting clients interested in acquiring an understanding of the regulatory and policy framework of the Brazilian generation and transmission segment, for the purposes of participation in public consultations held by official institutions of the power sector or other applications.

• Tariff projections - Projections of future values of transmission and distribution tariffs, including the Transmission Use-of-System Tariffs (TUST) for the short, medium and longterms.

• Connection studies - Assisting clients seeking access to transmission and distribution grids, in technical and regulatory matters.

• Penetration studies of distributed energy resources.