Paula Valenzuela

She Joined PSR in 2009 and is a technical director and coordinator of the energy regulation area, where she manages projects related to: (i) arbitration procedures and litigation, assisting clients and their lawyers in the construction of the technical/regulatory framework necessary to support the claims presented in such procedures with technical consistency; (ii) due diligences of electricity generation assets and distribution companies in Brazil, identifying current and potential risks and opportunities brought by the regulation of the electricity sector to business models; (iii) assessment of energy supply strategies for large and medium-sized consumers in light of current regulation and potential regulatory changes; (iv) guidance to international investors regarding the functioning of the regulatory model of the Brazilian electricity sector; (v) strategic planning, assisting clients who wish to structure their business models taking into account possible developments in the regulatory framework; (vi) the evolution of the regulatory framework of the Brazilian electricity sector, either through support to clients who wish to make contributions in processes of Consultations and/or Public Hearings, either through participation in discussion forums on relevant topics such as studies related to the modernization of the regulatory framework, or the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic in the electricity sector; (vii) regulatory integration of the electricity and gas sectors and (viii) Research & Development where, among other activities, PSR seeks the state of the art in terms of international regulatory practices that can help the treatment of new issues in the country. For example, new regulatory models for energy distributors in a context of increased penetration of distributed energy resources, or the Regulatory Impact Analysis of new tariff structures applicable to the distribution segment.

Paula is a speaker at national and international workshops and seminars; she lectures on supply tariffs for private and public agents. She is also the author and co-author of technical articles published in periodicals and presented in national and international seminars and conferences.

She has a BSc in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on Power Systems from the Fluminense Federal University (UFF) and a MSc in Energy Systems from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio).

Paula enjoys landscape photography, outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing and high mountain expeditions.