Rafael Kelman


Is BSc in Civil Engineering from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), MSc in Water Resources and PhD in Systems Engineering (Optimization) from COPPE/UFRJ. During graduation had a scholarship from the Hydrology Lab and the Mechanical Engineering Lab (supervisor: Prof. José Herskovits). Joined PSR in 1997 where since 2008 has been an associate director. He coordinates studies in the areas of water resources, feasibility of power generation projects, due diligence of energy projects, river basin hydroelectric assessment studies, alternative energy (solar and solid waste), market studies and carbon economy. He is a cowriter of the Environmental Bulletin of the Energy Report, a PSR publication for subscribers. He is responsible for the coordination and development of computational models in the areas of energy planning, short-term operation, integrated electricity-natural gas planning, energy, firm power calculation, electricity markets simulation, hydrological models, simulation and optimization of watersheds, among others. He was the technical director of the Brazilian Association for Water Resources (ABRH) (2012-2013) and a reviewer of the Water Resources Research (WRR) and the IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (TPS). He was a consultant to the World Bank, IDB and other multilateral institutions, with experience in over thirty countries including USA, China, Spain, Vietnam, Norway, Turkey, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and all Central American countries. Dr. Kelman is an instructor and lecturer in courses and seminars, and the author of several articles in specialized publications, including book chapters and conference proceedings in Brazil and abroad. In 2012 he was a visiting professor at COPPE/UFRJ, where he lectured the course "Energy Generation" to graduate students of the Civil Engineering Program.