Tainá Martins


Taina Martins joined PSR in 2014 and has been working with energy, hydrologic and environmental studies, Due Diligence of generation projects, regional interconnection studies, hydropower potential assessments of hydrographic basins using geoprocessing technology, sustainable hydropower planning and use of reanalysis data for renewable power production simulation.

Prior to that, she worked with environmental management at Vale, reclamation of degraded areas at BfU do Brasil and was a trainee at the Environmental Department of Eletrobras.

Taina has a BSc in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering from Federal Fluminense University and a MSc degree in Civil Engineering at COPPE/UFRJ, where studied the application of remote sensing in hydrological modelling.

She volunteers for animal welfare and protection, and in her free time she is always helping some cats and dogs or trying to play her clarinet. Occasionally she travels and spends a few days walking around.