Celso Dall'Orto


He has BSc in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Telecommunications from PUC-Campinas, Specialist in Energy Generation and Master Degree in Electrical Engineering (Power System Planning) from Itajubá Federal University (UNIFEI). He worked in the energy planning and commercialization risk analysis area in CPFL from 2006 to 2015, supporting the areas of generation, distribution, energy trading, renewable energies, new business, R&D and investor relations of CPFL group, focusing mainly on the analysis of energy prices in the short, medium and long term, using some optimization models such as Newave, Decomp, SDDP and rainfall-inflows models. Celso joined PSR in 2015 where he has been working in the following areas: (i) integrated electricity and gas planning studies; (ii) risk management; (iii) regulatory assessment and support for investors and (iv) economic valuation of generation projects. He is the author and co-author of more than 10 articles published in local / international journals and conferences. He teaches classes about the Brazilian energy sector, as well as speaker at conferences and seminars in Brazil.