PSR participates in a Seminar on Global Energy Integration organized by GEIDCO

Event – 18.07.2017

On the day June 29th, PSR participated of the Seminary of Development of Latin American countries of the Belt and Route and to Construction of Global Energy Grid, organized by GEIDCO, organization whose main goal is the global energy integration though continental connections. The event, in particular, brought discussions about the South American integration, pointing benefits, obstacles and experiences that might bring gains to the regional integration. Among the participants, were the CEO and President of SGBH, Mr. Cai Hongxian, the Deputy Secretary-General of GEIDCO, Mr. Cheng Zhiqiang, the Executive Director of CIER, Mr. Juan José Carrasco, the representative of Brazil’s Mines and Energy Minister, Mr. Guilherme Syskis, and the Ambassador of China in Brazil, Mr. Li Jinzhang.

The interconnection of America has a crucial role to harness the complementarity of the continent’s renewable resources. With the potentials of wind in Patagonia and continent coasts, hydropower in the Amazon and North Canada rivers and solar potential mainly in Chile, in the south of USA and in the north of Mexico, the integration is fundamental to meet the energy consumption requirement of the region, which are concentrated especially throughout the coasts of the biggest countries. The goal of GEIDCO’s project is to connect energetically all continents through ultra-high-voltage links until 2050, while there is interest in developing the regional potential until 2030.

PSR’s experience obtained in huge projects such as the integration of SINEA and the Southern Cone emphasizing renewable energy; Northern-Arch, a study based on connecting electrically and energetically countries on the north of South America; and the CIER 15, which evaluated the integration of Andean, Central American and Southern Cone countries, focusing on technical-commercial, regulatory and strategic aspects; besides the expertise with projects in more than 70 countries in all continents, brought the opportunity to discuss the incentives and challenges of the energy integration of South America.