PSR presented the HERA computational model in the XII UFRJ Civil Engineers Week

Software – 18.08.2017

PSR participated in the 12th edition of the Civil Engineers Week, at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. The engineers Tainá Martins and Monique Melo, both former students from UFRJ, lectured about HERA, the optimization model for hydropower potential assessments developed by PSR.

They highlighted the innovation aspects in hydropower planning and the potential benefits that the use of the HERA model can bring to society. In addition, they presented the global sources of open data that can be used by students in their final projects and thesis.

Modelling of hydropower candidates in HERA, based on SRTM / NASA, an open source digital elevation model.

The tools currently used by PSR in the parametrization and modelling of hydraulic equipment and structures were also presented. This work has been carried out by PSR’s civil engineering team and will be incorporated in the engineering module of HERA.

Example of a Francis turbine parametrized in Revit®.

Read more about HERA in Hera.