PSR gives an advanced training on its optimal planning tools to the Manitoba Hydro team

Course – 05.11.2018

On October, a one-week advanced training on PSR's optimal mid and long term operation and expansion planning tools (SDDP+OPTGEN+ePSR) took place in Manitoba Hydro (MH) office in Winnipeg, Canada, aimed at preparing the MH engineers for shifting to PSR's computational models. Last year, after participating in a long and detailed international procurement process to provide a new optimization planning software to replace MH's legacy one, PSR has been awarded the contract and, since then, has been supporting MH team in getting started with the new tools and in modeling their generation system, which is predominantly hydro and that has as major export market the important Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO).

This advanced training, given by two PSR specialists, was focused on consolidating the knowledge of the MH team on the software provided by PSR, on discussing benchmark results against the tool that MH has been using for decades and on refining the modeling details for the best possible system representation in SDDP for the long term planning, paving the road for the complete replacement of MH's legacy software, developed and maintained internally, by PSR's state of the art optimization models, expected to take place in the incoming months. PSR is very excited for this opportunity of partnering with MH in this important step.