Mario Veiga Pereira, president of PSR, presented a Plenary Distinguished Lecture at the world’s largest Operations Research Conference

Event – 16.11.2018

The INFORMS Conference, which took place in November 4-9 in Phoenix, USA, is the largest Operations Research conference in the world, with the participation of six thousand researchers. Dr. Pereira was chosen by IFORS, the international federation of Operations Research societies, which congregates 50 countries, with 30 thousand members, to present the plenary IFORS Distinguished Lecture Plenary. This is one of the greatest honors a optimization researcher can receive. Past IFORS lecturers included John Nash, Nobel Prize in Economics for his work on Game Theory (also known for the movie Brilliant Minds) and Tyrrell Rockafellar, one of the most important mathematicians in the world. The talk, entitled Stochastic Optimization, Statistical Modeling and Distributed Processing Applied to Energy Planning described some recent advanced analytical tools developed by PSR, including the Genesys planning model for the US Pacific NorthWest (, an optimization-based computational tool which solves 100 million large mixed-integer problems (MIPs) in a few hours; the HERA river basin development model ( which optimizes de the design of hydro plants and is being applied worldwide in a partnership with The Nature Conservancy (TNC), one of the world's largest NGOs. The talk also described PSR's support of new open source tools, in particular the advanced programming language Julia/JuMP, in partnership with MIT and other research institutions.

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