PSR welcomes Luiz Barroso as new CEO

Institutional – 05.12.2018

We are happy to announce that Luiz Augusto Barroso will join PSR as CEO. Dr. Barroso’s world-wide reputation as a consultant and academic has in the past two years been complemented by his outstanding work as a high-level Brazilian government official. He was president of the Brazilian energy planning agency (EPE) and a principal advisor to the Energy Ministry, where he made fundamental contributions to the energy sector’s government policy and business environment. Those qualifications are fully aligned with PSR's objective to significantly expand its operations both in Brazil and abroad.

PSR’s new growth areas include, among others, strategic advice to companies on opportunities to add value in the energy transition’s new competitive environment; restructuring of generation, transmission and distribution business models due to the development of new digital technologies; support and partnership with new agents such as prosumers and flexibility aggregators; consultancy in the oil, natural gas and biofuels sectors and in the water/energy/food nexus.

Says Barroso, who joined PSR in 1998 and left in 2016 to chair EPE: "I am proud to return to PSR. They are very well positioned to deliver innovative solutions to our customers in the transition to the new energy business environment, as well as to collaborate with their regulatory and technical improvement."

According to PSR’s founder and current CEO, Mario Veiga Pereira, "Luiz Barroso and the directors Rafael Kelman, Raphael Chabar and Bernardo Bezerra have all been with PSR for more than 15 years. They are a dream team that will lead our brilliant group of 60 engineers, mathematicians, economists and physicists, almost all with PhD and MSc degrees, in offering the most qualified and independent analytical, strategic, regulatory and market consulting to national and international markets."

Dr. Pereira will become PSR’s Chief Innovation Officer (CINO), leading the development of advanced analytical solutions to the challenges of the energy system of the future. According to Luiz Barroso "The algorithms and methodologies that Mario has been developing since the foundation of PSR are the world reference, recognized with several international awards and his election to IEEE Fellow, Brazilian Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Engineering. These analytical innovations have enabled PSR to expand its presence to 80 countries on all continents and to have 65% of its revenues abroad. PSR will open in 2019 physical innovation centers in North America and Europe, regions where it has had very significant achievements in recent years.”

Those changes at PSR coincide with our 30th anniversary and with our move to a new office, which accommodates more than 100 professionals. The PSR team is very excited with the prospect of new challenges, learning opportunities and achievements for next decades.