PSR and Kunumi define partnership in innovation, artificial intelligence, and energy optimization

Partnerships – 01.04.2019

We are glad to announce the partnership between PSR and Kunumi in the areas of research and application in algorithms of artificial intelligence, machine learning and optimization to provide advanced solutions to the energy industry in the presence of increasingly dynamic and complex decision environments but with more data availability.

The energy industry around the world goes through an accelerated process of transition to a highly complex environment. Generation at all levels of the grid, greater presence of distributed energy resources and increasingly decentralized production decisions with the participation of the consumer are some of the factors that influence the new energy matrix. The transition to this environment is the result of technological advances, independent of the choice of regulatory designs with more or less "market". This dynamic has been accompanied by the increasing availability of data and information on prices, resources, availability of equipment, the behavior of agents - among others. Artificial intelligence algorithms introduce new dynamics into business decision-making in various segments of the economy, including the energy sector.

This process is known as data science, and PSR and Kunumi will work on the development of new methods and applications that, together with the already known stochastic optimization algorithms developed by PSR, will provide new solutions to the market in areas such as:

    • Industrial: short-term, highly granular production of renewables and consumption,     prediction of consumer behavior aiming at automation of demand response, forecasting of     offers in wholesale markets and energy retailers to support marketing decisions, among     others.

    • Research: construction of integrated methods linking machine learning techniques (as     reinforcement learning) and stochastic dual dynamic programming.

Alberto Colares, the co-founder of Kunumi, believes that "to distribute knowledge and technology has as its main objective to scale the human capacity to find answers to the main contemporary challenges. Issues such as preservation, renewables, inequality and climate change surpass our current condition in size and complexity. We need to scale our natural potential to find answers." PSR founder and Chief Innovation Officer Mario Veiga said that " The integrated use of artificial intelligence techniques and analytical methods of optimization under uncertainty will exponentially increase our ability to serve multiple dimensions of the challenges in the energy sector".

PSR and Kunumi will offer an innovation seminar, to be scheduled in the first semester, with a tutorial on these topics and examples of applications and value generation. With a wide range of clients in Brazil and abroad, PSR's main characteristic is to integrate consulting studies, development of advanced analytical tools and cutting-edge research in new methodologies.

Founded in 2016, Kunumi is the youngest company in a successful group that has accumulated more than 20 years of machine learning development. It carries out multidisciplinary projects and researches in the sectors of health, art, education, chemical industry, retail and financial, among others. It applies the proprietary methodology "Evolvi" in partner companies to maximize the generation of value and mitigate the risks inherent to the implantation of artificial intelligence projects.