Seminar promoted by Refinitiv discussed the challenges for the hourly price implementation in Brazil

Publication – 11.04.2019

The "Power Brazil Seminar" held in São Paulo on April 10th was promoted by Refinitiv. Around 170 people attended the event. As scheduled, the panel "Challenges of the hourly price focused on Dessem", with lectures by Alberto Kligerman from ONS, Thiago Ivanoski from EPE, Regiane Barros from CCEE, Fabiano Mourão from Delta Energia, Claudio Vallejos from Refinitiv and Bernardo Bezerra representing PSR.

The importance of the hourly price and the computational model for programming the operation for the following day was one of the discussed themes.

For details on the topics debated in this Seminar, access the links below:

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To access the official event website click here.