Workshop “Towards 100% Renewable Energy Paths: A Research Roadmap”

Workshop – 24.05.2019

On May 14th and 15th, 2019 took place in Denver the workshop "Towards 100% Renewable Energy Paths: A Research Roadmap".

The event was organized by the Energy System Integration Group (ESIG) and aimed to establish a Research Roadmap to achieve a 100% renewable energy system in 2040-2050.

Sixty specialists were invited to attend the event so that they could contribute to the theme. Among them, Bernardo Bezerra was there representing PSR.

The specialists were divided into five tracks: Adequacy; Volts and Amps; Distribution Systems, Microgrids and Customers; Flexibility, Operations and Balancing; and Markets.

During the first morning of the event happened sessions in order to build context for all the participants and the rest of the event was divided into three sessions with the objective of: (i) identifying the main challenges in each area; (ii) identify the research topics and (iii) identify the research elements. These three sessions had a total of 8 hours of discussions.

Bernardo also pointed out that the main messages extracted from the event were: (i) how to operate a system with only inverters; (ii) importance of the demand’s role; (ii) price formation challenges in a world with 100% of resources with zero marginal cost, and (iii) the importance of defining what products and services are necessary in a 100% renewable world.