HERA`s official release in Rio de Janeiro

Software – 03.06.2019

On Wednesday, May 29th, at the Maison de France Theater in Rio de Janeiro, happened the release of the HERA model.

Developed by EDF Norte Fluminense and PSR under ANEEL`s P&D Program, HERA is a decision support system for hydroelectric inventory studies. In addition to the technical-economic dimension, HERA searches for options with minimal social and environmental impacts and incorporates a module on Integrated Environmental Assessment and another that applies the "Blueprint for Conservation" methodology used globally by The Nature Conservancy. A third software integration, this time within the scope of Engineering, is the generation of selected project layouts and 3D structures visualization.

During the launch, there were simulations and examples on how the model works presented by Fabio Steiner (EDF), Rafael Kelman, Tarcísio Castro, André Granville, Tainá Martins, Rodolpho Albuquerque, Marcelo Metello and Felipe Cruz who are part of the developing team.

"Hera is a tool completely aligned with the concept of minimizing socio-environmental impacts and maximizing the benefits that hydroelectric plants bring." - described Tainá Martins during her presentation.

HERA received the Engie International Innovation Award, was a finalist for the Energy and Innovation Awards 2019 and has been used in Colombia, Mexico and Gabon in partnership with The Nature Conservancy (TNC). The model is available for download at: https://www.psr-inc.com/softwares-en/?current=p7067