PSR teaches course about the Mexican Electricity Market

Course – 02.08.2019

Last Thursday, July 25th, in San Salvador, El Salvador, PSR gave a full-day course about the Mexican Electric Market to Inkia Energy.

The course, taught by PSR’s specialists Bernardo Bezerra and João Pedro Bastos, included four main modules: (i) Introduction to the Mexican electricity market: (ii) characterization of market products (energy, capacity, clean energy certificates, reserves, financial transmission rights); (iii) market environment and forms of contracting; and (iv) energy trading in Mexico.

PSR has been working extensively in the Mexican electricity market since its 2014 Energy Reform, which introduced a new power market in the country since 2016. We have been involved in market studies, price projections and due diligence for generators, traders, investment funds and financial institutions operating in the country in recent years.