Advanced training on PSR expansion planning and production costing simulation tools (OPTGEN & SDDP) has been delivered to the Nepalese Electric Utility

Course – 07.08.2019

On July, a two-week training on PSR's optimal mid and long-term (i) generation and transmission expansion planning and (ii) operation tools (OPTGEN + SDDP) was provided to Nepal Electricity Authority officials at PSR's office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. NEA management has chosen to adopt PSR planning tools considering their capability to accurately represent the hydropower dominated system of Nepal.

This training aimed at preparing NEA's engineers for planning the long-term expansion and evolution of the system, as well as on transitioning to PSR's planning models. The training was delivered by three PSR specialists, and its first objective was to consolidate the knowledge of the NEA team on expansion planning. Besides the theoretical concepts of the OPTGEN and SDDP methodologies, PSR also did a deep evaluation on the Nepalese power system available data focusing on the modeling details for the best possible system representation in the long-term planning, paving the road for the complete application of PSR's state of the art optimization models.

This very important endeavor is supported by the World Bank, and PSR is very excited about this opportunity of partnering with the NEA in this important transition phase.