PSR at the Mission of Energy Transformation of Colombia

Publication – 14.02.2020

On January 28th, PSR was in Bogotá to present the results of the Mission of Energy Transformation, led by Minister Maria Fernanda Suarez by the Colombian Ministry of Energy and Mines. Organized in a team of 20 national and international experts, the mission aimed to act for eight months to propose a roadmap of regulatory and institutional changes to improve the market environment of the energy industry in Colombia, including electricity, gas, wholesale, retail, governance and subsidies. Together with MIT and with the support of the World Bank and IDB, PSR worked on adapting the regulation to "digitalization, distributed energy resources and demand response". All technical material for the mission is available here.

The mission will be completed in May, after a process of extensive debate and comments from market agents.

Taking advantage of the forum where the proposals to the Colombian energy sector transformation mission were presented, we made available the video of Luiz Barroso's plenary lecture at the launch event of the mission, in May 2019, also in Bogotá and with the presence of the Minister of Energy Maria Fernanda Suarez and the President of Colombia Ivan Duque. Barroso spoke after the President and in his lecture (in Spanish) he addressed the transformations of the electric sector due to the energy transition and the need for modernization of the sector.

To watch the full lecture click here. Luiz Barroso's presentation starts at 22 minutes of the video.