IRENA launches report on renewable energy auctions in which PSR is co-author

Publication – 02.03.2020

On February 20th, IRENA launched its newest report on Renewable Energy Auctions: Status and Trends Beyond Price, which can be accessed at this link: PSR was one of the main authors and contributors to this report, which analyzes the auctions held worldwide in 2017 and 2018 and the main trends observed. In addition, the report also analyzes the performance of projects awarded in past auctions with respect to construction and delays, and other conceptual aspects beyond the price dimension, such as specific auction design elements that encourage the development of VREs (variable renewable energies) and elements that can be incorporated in auctions for a just and inclusive energy transition, taking into account social, environmental and other aspects. PSR also co-authored 2 previous reports from IRENA on renewable auctions: A Guide to Design (2015) which analyzed different auction design approaches and their implications and served as a basis for policy makers, development banks and related organizations; and Analyzing 2016 (2017), which analyzed the reasons behind the low auction prices, including auction design elements (both reports can be accessed on the IRENA’s website).