Watch PSR’s Webinars on YouTube (Portuguese only)

Publication – 07.05.2020

The Webinars conducted by PSR are available on our YouTube channel (Content only available in Portuguese).

Access the videos below as well as the PDFs of the presentations:

Spot price in Brazil

• The theme of this webinar is the adoption of spot prices in Brazil. Among the many themes that permeate the spot prices, Edmundo Grune and Rodrigo Novaes will discuss the conceptual reasons for its implementation, overview and analysis of results, up to the potential impacts of the change on market agents, with emphasis on contract pricing and hedge. The PDF is available at:

Electric Markets in Latin America

• On April 20th, PSR presented its second free webinar in this period of social distance, whose theme was: "Learning from neighbors in Latin America: electric markets, auctions, energy transition and Covid-19". Gabriel Cunha and João Pedro Bastos discussed some “hot” topics from the international electrical sectors to discuss in the context of Latin America, highlighting some important experiences from neighboring countries, making a parallel with the Brazilian reality and raising learning opportunities for Brazil. The PDF is available at:

Power contracting auctions

• Our third free webinar in this phase of social distance was held on April 27th, at 3 pm. "Keep the light on: Ensuring power supply". With Gabriel Clemente and Bernardo Bezerra presenting the main concepts on power contracting, international experience and the alternatives that Brazil has discussed for contracting this new product (existing energy auction A-4 and A-5, reserve and separation energy ballast and energy). The PDF is available at:

Representing uncertainty in the production of renewable sources in energy planning studies

• In this fourth edition of Webinars held by PSR, we have Felipe Nazaré and Alessandro Soares discussing the importance of representing the uncertainties of renewable resources in energy planning studies, and analyze the effects of this representation on the energy matrix of the Brazilian system. The PDF is available at: