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Event – 25.05.2020

In yet another free webinar offered by the PSR technical team during this period of exceptions and social distance, which will air on Monday, June 1st, at 3 pm, our team will discuss the topic "Modernization of the electricity sector and the crisis of COVID-19: structural solutions for old and new problems ". Remembering that from now on, our webinars will be fortnightly.

In this event Jairo Terra, Monique Riscado, Andréa Alzuguir and Paula Valenzuela will discuss the Modernization of the Electric Sector in the context of the crisis caused by COVID-19. In this conversation, we will reflect on the main proposals presented by the bills and initiatives of the MME, and how they could address the effects of the crisis in a structural way for the electricity sector.

The webinar will be broadcast live via the Zoom platform and will be held in Portuguese.

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Webinar 6 - Electricity tariff and price in Brazil

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