PSR launches a project in Gabon in cooperation with The Nature Conservancy

Studies – 20.08.2020

PSR, through an existing collaboration with The Nature Conservancy (TNC), is launching a project to develop tools to help minimize the environmental impacts of hydroelectric plants planned in the main hydrographic basins of Gabon, a country on the western coast of African. The concern with the effects of the hydropower facilities on the local biodiversity is coupled to the country’s interests in increasing the reliability of electricity supply.

The economic and environmental aspects will be evaluated according to the "Hydro by Design" (HbD) methodology developed by TNC. It involves technical analysis and transparent discussions of the alternatives among interested parties. PSR has developed a digital platform integrated with the HERA model to support these activities. These tools may be useful in the so-called “participatory hydroelectric inventories,” which have been promoted by ANEEL and by environmental departments in several states of Brazil.

Phase I of this project is focused on reviewing and identifying potential locations for hydropower development, aiming to minimize environmental impacts from the early stages of river basin planning.