PSR and BTG Pactual close strategic partnership

Partnerships – 02.12.2020

Company will maintain independent management and operation and see positive synergies for the expansion of its global activities in the areas of technology, ESG and energy transition

São Paulo, November 02, 2020 - PSR, an advanced technology company in the energy sector, announces a strategic partnership with BTG Pactual. The agreement consists of the acquisition, by BTG Pactual's holding company, of the control of PSR, which will allow the expansion of the company's activities in general infrastructure, and in the areas of innovation, ESG, energy transition, in addition to increasing its presence in the global energy industry. PSR will remain independently managed, with no changes to the executive board and its current operations.

"The partnership with BTG Pactual will give PSR the muscle to work in new areas to meet global challenges in infrastructure, education, decarbonization and climate, offering knowledge and technology for investors, stakeholders, governments and society in general. Nothing changes for our current clients and partners, including BTG Pactual”, says Luiz Barroso, CEO of PSR.

For Mario Veiga Pereira, founder, and Chief Innovation Officer, PSR has always combined the innovative posture of a "tech" company with a deep knowledge of the energy sector. "We are happy to see that after three decades we still retain a "startup" culture, attracting young and highly qualified people, always seeking to expand the boundaries of analytical modeling and data science. We found at BTG Pactual a fully aligned partner in this search for innovation, leveraged in quantitative analysis and advanced technology", says Pereira.

Raphael Chabar, executive director of PSR, recalls that since its inception, PSR’s methodological advances have been incorporated into energy optimization software that are world references, being applied by hundreds of customers in more than 70 countries on all continents. “With the partnership, we intend to expand our presence in other sectors such as network infrastructure and integrated risk management,” he adds.

Rafael Kelman, executive director of PSR, sees positive synergies with BTG Pactual in the ESG area. "PSR has great national and international experience in studies that integrate the economic, social and environmental dimensions. As in the case of technological innovation, we see in BTG Pactual a proactive posture of environmental and ESG actions", explains Kelman.

PSR will maintain an independent management and operation, keeping the current board of directors. "We believe in the PSR arrangement, in its ability to add value, and we see the potential for the company to gain even more strength to accelerate its global growth with the support of the entire BTG Pactual group, but without losing its autonomy", says Eduardo Loyo, partner and member of the Board of Directors of BTG Pactual.

About PSR

PSR is a global provider of innovative methodologies and analytical tools for optimizing planning, operation and risk management in energy systems and economic, financial, and regulatory consulting studies. It operates in more than 70 countries of the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Africa. Its customers are investors in electricity and gas; regulators and other government agencies; operation centers; multilateral development agencies such as the World Bank, IFC and IDB; and environmental organizations, among many others. For more information, please

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