PSR evaluates alternatives to increase energy efficiency in Brazil

Studies – 08.10.2015

PSR was contracted by CEBDS (Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development) to develop, together with the associated companies, the study "Improvement and development of systems for efficient energy management”. The Council, which is composed of more than 70 of the largest business groups in the country, aims to articulate with governments and civil society the promotion of knowledge and application of energy efficient practices.

PSR’s planning models SDDP and OptGen and will be used to simulate the expansion of generation capacity, taking into account different scenarios of penetration of energy efficiency. In addition, PSR will estimate the greenhouse gas emission associated with the scenarios and the actions to be taken by the government and companies.

The study guidelines were presented by the PSR director Rafael Kelman on October 1st, at a CEBDS event attended by 15 CEOs of companies such as GE, Dow, Unilever, Siemens and Schneider Electric.