PSR announces the worldwide release of NCP 5.26

Publication – 15.07.2022

PSR has just officially released version 5.26 of NCP, its optimal short-term production costing model, generally applied for the day-ahead or week-ahead dispatch schedule in order to minimize costs or maximize revenues of sales to the market (revenue maximization dispatch strategy in competitive markets). NCP is a global benchmark and has been installed in over 40 utilities and ISOs across the globe.

Multi-objective Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS) have been incorporated in this version, involving the largest generator contingency, system inertia, interconnection flows, absolute limits, and any requirement combination between them. The other feature worth mentioning is our new API that facilitates the automation of data input and real-time control of the execution flow.

PSR engineer André Dias explains: “The new API establishes communication between external applications and NCP, enabling thus real-time updates and execution management of simultaneous cases and/or different configurations of the base case. This is especially useful for re-dispatch analysis and intra-day market trading”.

A complete description of all features available in this release can be found here: Check it out!