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Energy Report


The ENERGY REPORT is a monthly newsletter developed by PSR that contains detailed descriptions and analyzes of current and relevant topics on the electricity sector in Brazil and abroad. It has been published electronically since 2006, in Portuguese and English, and the content seeks to bring PSR’s view and analysis on the hottest topics in the sector at the moment. The monthly newsletter has a standardized structure with the following sections:

  • Opinion: this section highlights a current topic of the electricity sector selected by PSR for deeper and more detailed discussion and analysis.
  • Regulatory: analyzes the recent movement of public authorities on the electricity sector and presents executive comments on other relevant topics of the monthly regulatory agenda.
  • Water Resources and Environment: deals with recent environmental issues related to the electricity sector, with an emphasis on monitoring licensing processes.
  • ESG: deals with issues related to decarbonization, the environment, carbon markets, and clean energy certification.
  • International: analyzes recent events in the international electricity markets and presents PSR’s view on measures taken, making a parallel with the Brazilian market whenever possible.
  • Innovation: addresses trends and technological innovations that are transforming or that may transform the electricity sector.
  • Supply: presents an overview of the Brazilian electricity system for the coming years, with the energy supply and demand balance and delays in the entry of new capacity.


Every subscriber to the annual package will be able to download the archives of the current issue and all previous issues, permanently available on the PSR Service Portal.



The access to the ENERGY REPORT is restricted to subscribers registered in the PSR’s Services Portal, and the subscription covers a period of 12 (twelve) months. During the subscription period, registered readers will receive an email notification whenever a new edition is published. The subscriber will be able to download the files of the current edition and all previous editions, permanently available on the PSR’s Services Portal. Questions about the subscription conditions can be sent to PSR at


The annual cost of the ENERGY REPORT subscription is 7,000.00 BRL (seven thousand Brazilian reais, to be paid in US dollars following the exchange rate at the date the invoice is completed), all taxes included. The subscription cost should be made through a single payment, by bank transfer.

Readers who choose not to subscribe can purchase single ENERGY REPORT editions, which cost 700.00 BRL (seven hundred Brazilian reais) each by sending an email to:, and we’ll get back to you.


* Opinions expressed in the ENERGY REPORT are the responsibility of PSR.