Who we are


Who We Are

Since 1987, PSR is a global provider of consulting services, computational modeling and energy innovation; and actively contributes to research and development of optimization and data analytics solutions.


Our team is comprised of more than 130 experts in engineering, economics, mathematics, high-performance computing, information technology, business development and communications, who deliver technical and innovative solutions designed together with our clients.


Our consulting and innovation models and services are applied in more than 70 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa, in a multitude of varied contexts (size of systems, maturity of economic development and of the energy industry).


PSR’s work is centered on three essential pillars: development of computational models, consulting and innovation. These three areas are integrated, creating a “virtuous circle”, in which the clients’ practical problems and challenges motivate the development of new methodologies and analytical computational tools. In turn, these tools allow our consulting teams to add greater value to clients, with analyses always anchored in numerical simulations. Finally, the tools themselves are licensed as products to a broad spectrum of users around the world.


The suite of tools developed by PSR covers the full range of analytical issues around the energy system as well as related sectors such as electricity, natural gas and the water, energy and food nexus. These different tools can be purchased and used separately or combined, depending on the analyses required.


PSR provides consulting services to the energy industry in technical, economic-financial, regulatory, market and environmental dimensions. The company offers products to public as well as private agents and multilateral and financial institutions products with high added value for decision-making, which integrate PSR’s expertise in mathematical modeling of energy markets and its extensive experience with practical aspects from different countries.


Innovation is the fundamental element in our Consulting activities and in developing analytical tools, which guarantees our technical leadership and ability to add value to customers.


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